R-18 commission!

R-18 commission! (Gore X)

You can see the R-18 examples here.

Pixiv : https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=12689638

- Amount -

Half body (middle thigh) - $50

Full body - $70 

Add Object - $30

Add background (simple backgrounds or photos are free) - $30

Add a Person (Please inquire about adding R-18 characters!) - $50

Complex patterns and costumes - $30

R-18 variation (Price changes according to change level) - 3 illustrations $40 (add 1 +$20)

- Work order -

Inquiry -> Check deposit -> Rough sketch -> Primary confirm -> Complete -> Secondary confirm -> Delivery

Modifications are made twice per confirm.
Secondary confirm - Only simple hue adjustment are possible.

- Work Period -

The working period is 4 to 30 days.
I'll give you a refund, discount, etc. if my work period is longer.

- Caution. -

-R-18 commission, but no Gore.

-The copyright belongs to Radjeong. Non-commercial illustrations can be used for SNS, Fanbox, public relations, etc.

-Non-commercial illustrations should not be used for modification, secondary processing or commercial purposes.

-The work is carried out in the order of deposit.

- Please send me the details of the character's personality, facial expression, and pose as much as possible. Please send me a reference image such as pose, screen plot, etc. so I can easily proceed with illustration.

-Refunds are not allowed after the primary confirm.

-R-18 is only available for adults.

Mail: tlstjseh100@naver.com

Please feel free to inquire!

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